As copyright restrictions grow ever tighter, it has become more difficult (and definitely more expensive!) to reproduce works of art for scholarly articles and books. Indeed, trying to escape the exorbitant costs, many art historians have turned to images in the public domain (usually culled from nineteenth-century books) or are using sketches. It seems strange that in the twenty-first century art historians should be reduced to using nineteenth-century standards to illustrate their publications! In an attempt to remedy this situation, it occurred to us that many art historians have taken terrific pictures of artwork (meaning they own the copyright to their own photograph) and that it is time to share. If we can give each other permission to download images for non-profit teaching and research uses (giving credit where it is due), we can begin to remedy this problem and, even better, discover wonderful and useful images that will further inspire teaching and research.

Please click onto our on-going and ever-growing collection of copyright-free images. Your contributions and download use are both welcomed and encouraged. We just ask that you credit Peregrinations and the photographer if you publish these images.

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Architecture on the Pilgrimage Road to Loches I

Architecture on the Pilgrimage Road to Loches II

Architecture on the Pilgrimage Road - Eunate

Architecture on the Road to Santiago de Compostela

St. Gilles-du-Gard