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Welcome to the sixth issue of Peregrinations. In this issue we feature a number of articles exploring a wide range of topics, expanding the purview of the journal further into and beyond pilgrimage art and architecture. Mary F. Casey, in a wholly-new approach, examines the origin and the Hebraic aspects of the child Jesus' actions in the Tring Tiles, while Mickey Abel examines the underlying strategies of building placement of small churches from the 8th-12th centuries that dot the landscape of Soria, Spain situating the buildings within current theory of spatial analysis and an understanding of medieval geographical approaches and beliefs. Pilgrimage and its art and culture is explored in Vicky Foskolou essay which examines the function and meaning of Byzantine pilgrim souvenirs, cutting through a thicket of misunderstandings and assumptions. Gary Waller reflect on how medieval misunderstandings gave rise to one of its most popular and enduring pilgrimage sites at Walsingham.
With this issue, we are inaugurating our new photobank database. With this program, one can search by keyword, list and save favorites, crop and focus on particular details of images, and more. It is with gratitude that we thank Asa Mittman and William J. Smither for their generous contribution of hundreds of copyright-free images of exceptional quality. The older images will soon be transferred to the new database.
We would also like to thank Rachel Danford for her beautiful and informative Photo Essay on Iglesia de San Juan in Portomarín.

In the Discoveries/Short Essays section, which features short essays on preliminary findings or hypotheses and various scholarly thoughts and topics, explores the unusual find of a pilgrims' footbath at Iona by Mark A. Hall, the fun and thought-provoking Google Earth website that enables you to look down on our planet's sites from above, a list of charitable places for those interested in supporting medieval art and architecture, and an editorial regarding changes in copyright fees charged by museums. The Short Notices and Announcements section has a special musical turn this issue with short articles and links to the works of Dick Le Mair and One Left. On the archaeological front, Richard Hedrich-Winter reports on intriguing papers presented at a recent archaeological conference. Joining his account is a hodge-podge of fascinating archaeological discoveries from Rome to Ireland. More links have been added to the Links page, and this issue features the sites of http://romanes.com/ and a site that explores the extensive Pilgrimage Roads to Nidaros and the St. Olav Pilgrimage.

New Journals (under Publishing Opportunities) welcomes three new members of the scholarly community, including the beautiful ShelfLife devoted to manuscript research, Different Visions, a new web journal focused on new perspectives and theoretical approaches to medieval art, and the on-line Journal of Cultural Patrimony that seeks to refine our understanding of this complex topic. We also, as usual, list calls for papers, conferences, research announcements and more. Our photobank continues to grow, with copyright-free images all downloadable for use in research and teaching. In hopes of making the task of obtaining that perfect photo easier, we invite you to check out Photoshare, a community bulletin board where scholars can request specific images from fellow art historians and lovers of medieval art.
For future issues we are actively seeking articles on any aspect of medieval art and architecture, including: long and short scholarly articles, scholarly book reviews, review articles on issues facing the field of medieval art history, interesting notes and announcements, useful website recommendations, new archeological discoveries, and recent museum acquisitions as well as calls for papers and conference listings. We are interested in publishing articles that will undergo double-blind review as well as those which are subject only to regular editing process, including articles that are the result of preliminary research. We are also looking for images to add to our photobank, to be shared and used by anyone in the classroom and in their research. To round out the scholarly portion of the journal, we are also seeking short, amusing excerpts from medieval sources, comments on the Middle Ages in movies and popular culture, etc.
Again, welcome to Peregrinations. Any suggestions or comments you have concerning the journal would be most welcome. Please feel free to e-mail us at: blicks@kenyon.edu or rtekippe@westga.edu.
Our grateful appreciation and thanks for partial funding provided by Kenyon College.
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