Volume VIII, Issue 3 (Spring 2023)

Welcome to Volume 8, Issue 3
This issue focuses on new research associated with medieval art and architecture from England and Scotland. Jamie Hall’s analysis of the hinges from Sutton Hoo, Mound 1 bring to the fore the complex technology and artistry that was part of the playful sophistication of the artists and their audience. Kim Lifton’s article also examines 15th-century livery collars as signifiers of individual ambition and community engagement. Catherine E. Hundley proposes a new method in which one can view English parish churches for evidence of local pilgrimage.

Also featured is an illuminating photo essay by Malcolm Thurlby on fictious masonry painted in English Romanesque churches and four thoughtful reviews of books on medieval art and material culture of England and Scotland by Millie Horton-Insch, Lydia Fisher, Sarah Friedman, and Meg Bernstein.

Feature Articles

Photo Essay

Malcolm Thurlby, Photo Essay: Painted Masonry and Ornament in English Romanesque Architecture, pp. 88 – 128

Book Reviews

Peregrinations Monographs

Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture is continuing a new feature, that of Peregrinations Monographs. This highlights book-length research as a separate, but connected part of the issue. It offers authors and readers a chance to explore a topic deeply with many more images than commonly found in monographs presented by traditional publishers. In this issue, Stephanie Brook explores the strange and exciting history, iconography, and reception of The Marriage Bed of Henry VII & Elizabeth of York: Dynasty, Design & Descent.

The Future

For future issues we are actively seeking articles on any aspect of medieval art and architecture, including: long and short scholarly articles, scholarly book reviews, review articles on issues facing the field of medieval art history, interesting notes and announcements, useful website recommendations, new archeological discoveries, and recent museum acquisitions. We are interested in publishing articles that will undergo double-blind review as well as those which are subject only to regular editing processes, including articles that are the result of preliminary research. We are also looking for images to add to our photobank, to be shared and used by anyone in the classroom and in their research. To round out the scholarly portion of the journal, we are also seeking short, amusing excerpts from medieval sources, comments on the Middle Ages in movies and popular culture, etc.

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Again, welcome to Peregrinations. Any suggestions or comments you have concerning the journal would be most welcome.

Sarah Blick, Editor