Volume II, Issue 3 (Summer 2009)

Feature Articles

Placing the Middle Ages: Contextualizing Towards a Geography of Material Culture
Mickey Abel and Jennifer Way

Local and Imported: Conjunctions of Mediterranean Forms in Romanesque Aragón
Eileen P. McKiernan Gonzalez

Romantic Geography and the Crusades: British Library Royal ms. 19 D I
Maureen Quigley

Sur la route…Topographic Patronage and the Genealogy of Location in Late Capetian France
Tracy Chapman Hamilton

La Pierre-qui-Vire and Zodiaque: A Monastic Pilgrimage of Medieval Dimensions
Janet T. Marquardt

“Geography, Archaeology, Art History: A Case Study for a Multidisciplinary Approach to Mapping Architectural Heritage”
Kim McCarty, Britteny Gregory, and Mickey Abel

Material and Meaning in Lead Pilgrims’ Signs
Jennifer Lee

Digital Mappaemundi: Changing the Way We Work with Medieval World Maps
Asa Simon Mittman and Martin Foys

More Feet Washing
Mark Hall

Book Reviews

Review of Anita Fiderer Moskowitz, Nicola & Giovanni Pisano: The Pulpits: Pious Devotion/Pious Diversion
Peter Dent

Review of Lisa Verner, The Epistemology of the Monstrous in the Middle Ages
Asa Mittman

Short Notice

The Panopticon. Google Earth, Omnipotence and Earthly Delights
Asa Mittman

VIA FRANCIGENA: All Roads Lead to Rome
Adelaide Trezzini

Flemish Confraternity of Santiago de Compostela Beautiful New Publication

The Internet Archive and Free, Downloadable Books on Medieval Art

Full Screen 360 Degree Virtual Panoramas Including Medieval Churches

Flickr Groups