Volume IV, Issue 4 (Autumn 2014)

Feature Articles

Negotiating Identity in Northern France and the Lowlands in the High Middle Ages
Elizabeth Moore Hunt and Richard A. Leson

Composing a Historical Compilation in the Twelfth Century: The Author’s Manuscript of the Genealogia Flandrensium comitum (or Flandria Generosa) from Saint-Bertin
Jeff Rider

“Ex nihilo fortification on the Brabant-Namur Frontier in the High Middle Ages,” Walhain Research Project
Bailey K. Young

The Coffret of John of Montmirail: The Sacred Politics of Reuse in Thirteenth-Century Northern France
Anne E. Lester

‘Van den grave te makene’: The Matter of Heraldry in a Psalter for the Count of Flanders (Royal Library of Belgium MS 10607) and in the Urban Media of Ghent
Elizabeth Moore Hunt

Reconstructing the Tomb of Robert of Cassel in Warneton
Richard A. Leson