Volume I, Issue 3 (2005)

Feature Articles

Medieval Medicine, Magic, and Water: The dilemma of deliberate deposition of pilgrim signs
Michael Garcia

The Labyrinthine Path of Pilgrimage
Tessa Morrison

Pursuing the Chemin and the Coquilles St. Jacques in Paris
Kathy Gower PhD

Book Review

Review of John Crook’s The Architectural Setting of the Cult of Saints in the Early Christian West, c. 300-1200
Stephen Lamia

Short Notices

Brian Spencer, Former Keeper in Charge of Museum of London, Expert on Pilgrim Souvenirs, Dies at 75

New Journal Announcement: Medieval Forum

New Journal Announcement: Home Cultures from Berg Publishers

Photo Essay

Virtual Tour #1: St. Gilles-du-Gard
Allan T. Kohl