Volume I, Issue 4 (2005)

Feature Articles

Introduction to Late Medieval Pilgrimage Architecture
Gerhard Lutz

The Pilgrimage Church of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port and its Late Medieval Furnishings
Andreas Förderer

Pilgrimage in the Medieval City. The Example of Nuremberg in the 15th Century
Gerhard Weilandt

The Vanquished Synagogue, the Risen Host, and the Grateful Dead at the Salvatorkirche in Passau
Mitchell B. Merback

Late Medieval Pilgrimage Architecture in Northern Europe, c.1250-1520: A Summary of Recent Research and New Perspectives
Vibeke Olsen

A Dutch saint and a database of badges and ampullae
Hanneke van Asperen

Book Review

Review of Dee Dyas’s, Pilgrimage in Medieval English Literature, 700–1500. D.S. Brewer: Cambridge 2001
William Klein

Short Notices

Blogging the Medieval Revolution?
Sarah Blick

Featured Websites: International Study Center for the History of Cities
Alessandro Camiz

Review of Jornadas sobre San Martín de Frómista: ¿Paradigma o Historicismo?, Frómista, Spain, Sept. 17-18, 2004
Therese Martin



Photo Essay

Architecture on the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago de Compostela
William J. Smither