Volume III, Issue 1 (Spring 2010)

Feature Articles

Vigentennial Views on Ottonian Art History
Adam S. Cohen

In a Space Between: Warmund of Ivrea and the Problem of (Italian) Ottonian Art
Evan A. Gatti

Establishing a Connection to Illuminated Manuscripts made at Echternach in the Eighth and Eleventh Centuries and Issues of Patronage, Monastic Reform and Splendor
Stephen Wagner

Otto III at Aachen
Eliza Garrison

To Touch the Image: Embodying Christ in the Bernward Gospels
Jennifer P. Kingsley

Short Notices

The Monastic Wales project

History in 3-D: Digitally Archived Works of Art

St. Gall Monastery Plan

Roman de la Rose Digital Library

Reconstruction of a Gothic Cathedral using an Immersive Virtual Environment Chamber

New Journals: Journal of Late Antiquity

KUNSTGESCHICHTE. Open Peer Reviewed Journal

New Journals: International Association of Research Institutes (RIHA)

Featured Website: Historic Tale Construction Cit


Mystery stone found near church linked to Knights Templar

The Staffordshire Hoard

Knot Motif Found in Hoard Jewels

Diving into the Secrets of Hagia Sophia

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Relics of Medieval Saint at Perperikon

Ancient Dial Solves Time Riddle

Photo Essay

Photo Essay: A Walsingham Pilgrimage
Matthew Champion