Volume III, Issue 2 (Summer 2011)

Feature Articles

Saints and Geography
Margaret Cormack

Saints of Medieval Hólar: A Statistical Survey of the Veneration of Saints in the Diocese
Margaret Cormack

Martyrs on the Move: The Spread of the Cults of Thomas of Canterbury and Peter of Verona
Donald S. Prudlo

Saints, Monks and Bishops; cult and authority in the diocese of Wells (England) before the Norman Conquest
Michael Costen

Preaching the Book of Creation: Memory and Moralization in Medieval Bestiaries
Bobbi Dykema

Making ‘Sense’ of the Pilgrimage Experience of the Medieval Church
Emma J. Wells

The Troublesome bequest of Dame Joan: the establishment of the chapel of St Anne at Walsingham Priory
Matthew Champion

Varietas delectat: towards a classification of mixed-media sculpture in the Middle Ages
Grazia Marcia Fachechi

The Symbol of Deer in the Ancient and Early Medieval Cultures of Azerbaijan
Saltanat Rzayeva

Short Notices

Why a Pilgrimage … in Italy?

Obituary: Geoff Egan

Featured Website: Medieval Hungary

William Keighley Digital Library Collection of European Art & Architecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Special Link: 50 Historical Articles about The Way of Saint James

Kornbluth Photography Archive

Casselman Archive of Islamic and Mudejar Architecture in Spain


Earliest Paintings of Apostles Uncovered in Roman Catacomb

Could lead codices prove ‘the major discovery of Christian history’?

Revised dating places Garima Gospels before 650—none from Ethiopia previously dated before 12th century—perhaps earliest illuminated manuscript to survive?

900-year-old Byzantine church unearthed in Southern Turkey

1,500-year-old church found in Israel

German Archaeologists discover a 2600-year-old Celtic tomb

Egyptian papyrus found in binding of codex discovered in ancient Irish bog

Intriguing Finds of Metal Detectorist

Late 15th-early 16th century graffiti incised by handwork apprentices discovered in Nunnery near Aachen Germany

A medieval mural depicting Henry VIII uncovered by a couple renovating their home