Volume III, Issue 3 (Summer 2012)

Feature Articles

The Mozarabic Horseshoe Arches in the Church of San Román de Moroso (Cantabria, Spain)
Gregory B. Kaplan

The Yonne Valley Builder: An Identifiable Master Introducing a Unique Blend of Cistercian and Non-Cistercian Northern Burgundian Design to the Oise
Cynthia Marie Canejo

Personal Piety or Priestly Persuasion: Evidence of Pilgrimage Bequests in the Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1439-1474
Matthew Champion

The Emperor Charles V as Santiago Matamoros
Jan van Herwaarden

Short Notices

The Medieval Stained Glass Photographic Archive

Useful Videos on Medieval Manuscripts

New Image Collections


Revealed: hidden art behind the gospel truth

Anglo-Saxon Christian grave find near Cambridge “extremely rare”

Bath Abbey archaeologists discover cathedral remains

The medieval mystery of Nine Men’s Morris investigated at Creswell Crags in Derbyshire

Archaeologists uncover slate at Nevern Castle “that kept evil spirits at bay”

Egyptian blue found in Romanesque altarpiece

Italian art experts who restored a cryptic medieval fresco depicting a tree of fertility have been accused of censoring the work by painting over the numerous phalluses which dangle from its boughs

Two medieval brooches discovered

York saint’s shrine on show for first time in 400 years

An amateur actress uncovered a 500-year-old long-lost vault at a historic church after accidentally putting her foot through the floor tiles during rehearsals

Renaissance score engraved in church’s exterior

Badge dug up in field linked to Cult of St. Ursula