Volume IV, Issue 1 (Spring 2013)

Feature Articles

Introduction to Mappings
Asa Simon Mittman and Dan Terkla

Burchard of Mount Sion and the Holy Land
Ingrid Baumgärtner

Transfer of Knowledge: Mappae Mundi Between Texts and Images
Bettina Schöller

The so-called Genoese World Map of 1457: A Stepping Stone Towards Modern Cartography?
Gerda Brunnlechner

The Noachide Dispersion in English Mappae Mundi c. 960 – c. 1130
Marcia Kupfer

Augustus, Rome, Britain and Ireland on the Hereford mappa mundi: Imperium and Salvation
Diarmuid Scully

Forking Paths? Matthew Paris, Jorge Luis Borges, and Maps of the Labyrinth
Asa Simon Mittman

Short Notices

3-D Medieval Art & Architectural History

Not your Father’s Medieval Art: Contemporary Medieval Inspiration and Interaction

Databases: Libraries, Museums, Churches, Major Digitizing Projects

Featured Website: Flickr


Collection of ancient Jewish Manuscripts Found in Afghanistan Fox Cave

Cross of St. Oran Reassembled for 1450th Anniversary

Confirmed: Capitoline Wolf is Medieval (Romanesque), not Etruscan

14th-Century Bishop’s Seal Found in Field on Display at Museum

Jersey Team Discovers Medieval Priory

Cologne Archeological Dig Revives Ancient Jewish Heritage

Six Centuries Ago, a Cat Walked across this Medieval Manuscript

Early Printed Book Contains Rare Evidence of Medieval Spectacles

Portrait of Louis I of Orléans Found in The Agony in the Garden

Discovered: Scale Model of Florence Cathedral Dome

16th-century Locket found by 3-year old on Display at the British Museum

Curses, Musical Scores and Jonah: Archaeologists’ Fascinating Quest to Decipher Medieval Graffiti Scrawled on Walls of Norwich Cathedral