Volume IV, Issue 2 (Autumn 2013)

Feature Articles

Christ’s Money: Eucharistic Azyme Hosts in the Ninth Century According to Bishop Eldefonsus of Spain: Observations on the Origin, Meaning, and Context of a Mysterious Revelation
Roger E. Reynolds

Eucharistic Adoration in the Carolingian Era? Exposition of Christ in the Host
Roger E. Reynolds

Vetera analecta, sive collectio veterum aliquot opera & opusculorum omnis generis, carminum, epistolarum, diplomaton, epitaphiorum, &, cum itinere germanico, adaptationibus & aliquot disquisitionibus R.P.D. Joannis Mabillon, Presbiteri ac Monachi Ord. Sancti Benedicti e Congregatione S. Mauri. Nova Editio cui accessere Mabilloni vita & aliquot opuscula, scilicet Dissertatio de Pane Eucharistico, Azymo et Fermentatio ad Eminentiss. Cardinalem Bona. Subiungitur opusculum Eldefonsi Hispaniensis Episcopi de eodem argumentum. Et Eusebii Romani ad Theophilum Gallum epistola, De cultu sanctorum ignotorum, Parisiis, apud Levesque, ad Pontem S. Michaelis, MDCCXXI, cum privilegio Regis
Roger E. Reynolds

Barking Abbey: A GIS Map of a Medieval Nunnery
Donna Alfano Bussell and Joseph M. McNamara

Disfluency and Deep Processing as Paths to Devotion: Reading and Praying with the Veronica in the Psalter and Hours “of Yolande of Soissons” (M. 729)
David Boffa

Annunciation and Dedication on Aachen Pilgrim Badges. Notes on the Early Badge Production in Aachen and Some New Attributions
Hanneke van Asperen

Book Reviews

Book Review of Karen Overbey, Sacral Geographies: Saints, Shrines, and Territory in Medieval Ireland
Louise Nugent

Book review: Brenner, Elma, Meredith Cohen, and Mary Franklin-Brown, eds. Memory and Commemoration in Medieval Culture. Farnham: Ashgate, 2013
Luke A. Fidler

Book review Hartmut Kühne, Carina Brumme, and Helena Koenigsmarkovà, Jungfrauen, Engel, Phallustieren. Die Sammlung Mittelalterlicher Französischer Pilgerzeichen des Kunstgewerbemuseums in Prag und des Nationalmuseums Prag, introduction by Jean-Claude Schmitt, Berlin (Lukas Verlag für Kunst- und Geistesgeschichte) 2012
Hanneke van Asperen

Book review Ashby Kinch, Imago Mortis. Mediating Images of Death in Late Medieval Culture, Visualizing the Middle Ages, vol. 9 (Leiden: Brill, 2013), XVI + 301 pages, 45 b/w and color illustrations, €136.00/US$189.00 (hb.), ISBN 1874-0448
Sophie Oosterwijk

Short Notices

We Are the Material Collective
Rachel Dressler

Translating Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture into Czech


Spectacular tombs from the early Middle Ages discovered in Burdąg, Poland

Lost medieval Welsh carved stone rediscovered

Early church and burials found at Lincoln castle

Medieval tower and 9th-century paintings discovered by Polish archaeologists in Sudan

Crusader Hospital Unveiled in Jerusalem

A 13th-Century Love Story Hidden in a Hat

Medieval Poison Ring Used for Political Murders

3D Reconstruction of 15th-century Medieval Nieszawa

15th-Century Golden Finds

Lost Tudor Sculptures Reassembled With Help from 3-D Scanning